Comprehensive Services.  Comprehensive Solutions

At Dallas Digital Services (DDS), our professional services are grounded in three key elements that have been honed over 17 years in the business:

  • A wide network of best-in-class technical and product resources
  • In-house engineering specialists from a variety of disciplines
  • A system of values based on hard work and respect for our clients

Whether you need a single product solution or a strategic plan for virtual storage and server infrastructure, DDS offers you a variety of options to choose from, always keeping in mind the bottom line. And because we are not beholden to any one or group of vendors, we don’t just sell you a product, we put together a comprehensive plan that makes the most sense for where you are now and where you want to go in the future.

And most importantly, we listen.  Using a team approach, we work to understand both the technical and business objectives. Together, it is doing business in this way that has earned us the trust, loyalty and ongoing relationships over the years with IT professionals in everything from small, regional businesses to major multi-national corporations.

The Dallas Digital Services Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer unparalleled value to our end‐user community by providing the very best in Information Technology products, services and expertise into customer's data centers. Our efforts are to build strong, long lasting relationships with our customers by providing a Service and Product Value approach.