One of the biggest challenges facing today’s IT organizations is the management of maintenance support contracts within a heterogeneous environment.  Managing multiple contracts that have varying end dates, varying levels of service and different support scenarios through multiple partners can create an expensive, inefficient and confusing scenario.  Here at Dallas digital Services we streamline the processes around hardware and software support and enables our customers to realize the cost savings associated with this type of services model.

Our maintenance renewal process provides you a single source for your renewal contract and addresses your specific requirements. We co-terminate your maintenance contracts so that you only need to renew once a year. Our goal is to understand your business, your mission, and the challenges you currently face and provide a solution that drives efficiencies and cost savings and enables you to further meet the needs of your customers.

  • Multi-vendor maintenance contracts
  • Co-termination of multi-vendor Hardware and Software
  • Hardware and software installations and upgrades
  • Equipment re-locations
  • Microcode feature and functionality upgrades
  • Full entitlement to software fixes and patches
  • Reduced Cost and complexity
  • Simplify Invoicing and Contract Administration
  • Direct Access to vendors’ support organizations for issue escalation