More Than Just the Right Solution

Assessing a situation takes into account a lot more than just the need to find the right solution for growth.  At Dallas Digital Services, before we make any recommendations we take into consideration:

  • Ways to help integrate new solutions with existing legacy solutions to keep both cost and disruption down
  • Both immediate needs and future growth targets and how well they fit with existing and emerging technologies
  • How to implement a new solution with no or minimal disruption to the entire work group
  • The quality and reliability of vendors for a potential solution
  • Ways to accelerate and streamline installation and implementation

It all begins with a collaboration partnership between the DDS specialists and your team.  Together we review your environment including:

  • Storage and server assessment
  • Capacity planning
  • Infrastructure
  • DR and Business Continuity
  • And more

Then, factoring in your growth and data communication and protection needs, we review all of the best available solutions.  Together we review the final recommendations and decide upon next steps.