We Just Get it Done

The Dallas Digital Services team provides support for all your projects.  Our engineers are both pre and post implementation engineers so they stay with you from the first step through ongoing operations. They will work with you to assure that the chosen technology integrates properly and works smoothly across the entire system.  They will take the lead to call in additional help as needed, and if assistance is required from the manufacturer, the DDS team will get them on the case.

Adapting our professional services to your network, data backup and storage goals with implementation that minimizes cost and maximizes operations is what we do. It’s a strategic partnership designed to meet both technical and business growth objectives.

From pre-installation preparation, to hands-on set-up, our systems engineers work with you to maximize the effectiveness of your new solution and make sure that your expectations are met.

Best of all they remain your advocate throughout the entire process and beyond.  Because the DDS team is independent of any particular vendors we are not trying to push any specific products or solutions.  We provide best-in-class options for you regardless of who makes them, and if there is a problem, we interface with the vendor on your behalf.

We like to say that we do the “dirty” work so our customers don’t have to – and whatever the situation, we just get it done.