The enterprise is awash in data. From ecommerce and social media to machine sensors and video monitors, data is arriving in volume, with velocity, and of variety far greater than ever experienced. Unlocking value lying within Big Data through analytics can yield substantial gains to business and government agencies, but also presents big challenges: how to unlock value at greater speed, scale, and efficiency.

Building on expertise developed over two decades delivering several of the world’s fastest supercomputers, and many years’ experience helping customers efficiently manage high volume data environments, we enable business and government agencies to perform Big Data analytics with faster and greater insight, provide extreme capacity and scale needed for Big Data storage, and optimize storage investments.

Big Data Analytics

DDS High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions for Big Data analytics are designed to address two principle metrics – data analysis and time to value. When data relationships are sufficiently understood to allow parsing into chunks using Apache Hadoop, and need for results allows hours to days, DDS  has a variety of ideal solutions. If parsing warrants a NoSQL database or obtaining results in minutes adds value, DDS also has this covered with optimal solutions. If business, however, is looking for hidden data relationships or desires real time analysis, we can provide a powerful shared memory platform.

Big Data Storage

By integrating software with innovative Storage / Server hardware we can provide object-based, “scale-out” storage for petabyte environments, with limitless file size and quantity, eliminating RAID rebuilds, and delivering 40% or more in costs savings. DDS enables IT organizations to align data throughout its lifecycle with the most appropriate storage medium while maintaining seamless users access, significantly reducing the cost of high volume storage.