A More Complex Job Than Ever

Protecting your data today means more than just making sure it’s backed up properly.  It means that your data is not only safe, but it’s stored quickly and efficiently, and easily assessable as needed. All from whatever platform or system it was created upon.

It’s made data protection a more complex job than ever, and that’s why important to have the experts at Dallas Digital Services on your side. For nearly 20 years we have been helping build and maintain data protection systems of all types. We have watched, and helped, the field grow. We are familiar with both legacy and cutting edge solutions and have our eye on future roadmaps. Together, it makes us your partner for data protection.


Daily backups have been standard in the industry for many years.  Now, however, there are many proven technologies that let the user continually backup and then restore the data to what it was at any given point in time. Backups and continuous data protection can be accomplished either locally or remotely, or with a combination of both, every time a block of information has been changed.  The DDS team will help you determine which backup system and protocol best fits your budget and needs.


Some stored data needs to be accessed more frequently than other data.  So how do you store everything, but keep the most likely to be used easily available?  Tiered storage is the answer. The DDS storage specialist will help you determine a tired storage architecture that automatically migrates low value data to a less expensive storage system, while keeping data that’s more frequently in demand easily accessible.  It helps both minimize costs and need the needs of your customers.


Archival storage is the least expensive form of storage, and now with regulations requiring that data be maintained for years, it’s more in demand than ever. Together with the DDS specialist, you will develop protocols for what type of data can be moved to archival, and when, along with whether it can be modified and how long it will be retained.  Then, those protocols will be applied to the archival system that best fits your needs and budget.


Data is the lifeblood of any business, and when that data availability is interrupted, it costs businesses time and money. If disaster hits your IT infrastructure, you need to be able to be back up and running as quickly as possible.  That’s why a carefully planned disaster recovery solution is key to business continuity. Including issues such as restoring data from remote locations or the cloud, and maintaining 99% + data availability at all times, the DDS specialists will provide you with disaster recovery options you can implement with confidence.