Data Storage Protection

Date & Time: May 22rd 3:30pm
Venue: PINSTACK , Las Colinas, Texas
Address: 2750 West I-635 Irving, TX 75063
Phone: 214-765-2695

This enlightening session promises a blend of expertise, real-world case studies, and
innovative strategies to fortify our data protection frameworks. Here’s a glimpse of what
you’ll learn:

• Recovering from Ransomware: A dive into real-case scenarios where
organizations have successfully navigated the aftermath of ransomware attacks,
outlining the steps and strategies involved in recovering compromised data.
• Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBA): An exploration of PBBA solutions
designed for scalable and efficient backup repositories, offering a robust defense
against data loss.
• Immutable Backup Tricks: Techniques and practices for creating immutable
backups, ensuring the integrity and security of your data against malicious
alterations or deletions.

This session isn't just about enhancing your knowledge and skills; it's also a chance to
enjoy a delightful meal and a thrilling game of bowling in Las Colinas, ensuring a
productive, enjoyable, and fun-filled learning experience.

Please note, attendance is exclusively limited to only 25 invitees on a first-come, first served basis. I encourage you to RSVP by May 16th to secure your spot, as space is limited.
Looking forward to learning and growing together.

Coming in October. Data Storage protection event at the IBM Innovation Center. Stay Tuned!