Accelerate your IT modernization journey with intelligent, workload-optimized mainstream compute solutions and systems, available as a service.

Compute Infrastructure

Workload optimization

Utilize the innovative workload optimized systems providing the flexibility, performance and efficiency to accelerate your data modernization initiatives.

360-degree security

We can provide the world’s most secure compute systems portfolio with enhanced holistic, 360-degree view to security that begins in our manufactures supply chain and concludes with a safeguarded, end-of-life decommissioning.

Simplified operations

Simplify operations with the intelligence built into Compute solutions.  Unify compute operations—edge to cloud—with a seamless as-a-service experience, delivering secure cloud operations for your computing needs, and accelerating innovation for apps and insights with automation.

HPE Greenlake for Compute

The fast, flexible compute infrastructure your business requires is delivered on a consumption pay-per-use basis, offering a range of workload- and cost-optimized configurations installed on premises and maintained for you by HPE experts. You pay only for the resources you consume, and built-in buffer capacity is ready to handle both steady growth and unexpected spikes in demand.

Adaptive Compute

Address evolving compute demands with a platform engineered to optimize the latest technology advancements, while easily scaling to address your data at the point of need.

Autonomous Compute Infrastructure

Respond rapidly to business opportunities with intelligent systems that work together and independently, delivering to the parameters that you set.