DDS offers a comprehensive portfolio of quality HPE, DELL, ARUBA and CISCO remanufactured products at very attractive prices. All products are covered by the OEM warranty, service and support options.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise sets very stringent quality standards for all products to ensure they meet customers’ high quality expectations. With a proven track record of achieving strict targets, the HPE Renew Program remanufacturing process ensures that all remanufactured products are certified to be “as good as new”.

All HPE Renew products fully comply with the “HPE Renew Technical Remanufacturing Checklist”.

​Dell EMC Enterprise Compute

Dell Recertified products from DDS provide more options and great value. High-quality technology that fits your budget. Why buy Dell Recertified from DDS? This is a great question. If you’re new to DDS, then you are going to be thrilled with the level of value we bring to all of our customers. Where we shine is configurability. When the order differs from what is available online. 

Where do Dell Recertified products come from?

Dell Demo and Proof of Concept

Products that have been provided to customers for demonstration purposes including trade shows and conferences

Canceled Orders

Fully functional products that have left the Dell warehouse and therefore may no longer be sold as new

Lower Capital Expenditures 

Extend your asset lifecycle with new, new surplus, and pre-owned network and data center equipment.

DDS offers high-quality, reliable, previous-generation, or new-in-box equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. At 50% to 90% cost savings, our equipment is fully tested and configured with a less than 0.5% failure rate. In addition, as a partner to many leading manufacturers, we give you access to the latest technology and best-of-breed products at the best possible prices. The result of utilizing both new and pre-owned equipment puts the control back in your hands. Combining cutting-edge new equipment with tested and proven preowned equipment in a single, integrated hybrid solution can lower your Total Cost of ownership, without sacrificing your technology requirements.


Start making better sustainability choices for our planet with DDS Renew. By remanufacturing and redeploying returned, loaned or trial units, DDS-Renew and its OEM Partners  ensures that these products are fully utilized and don’t end up in landfill. DDS Renew lets you reduce your overall environmental impact while taking advantage of an as good as new alternative.


Whether your looking to implement a new IT platform or planning to maintain or upgrade your existing one, DDS-Renew offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-end enterprise products to fulfill your specific business needs. As DDS-Renew products come from sources such as returns, customer demos, factory loaner or trade-in programs, you get access to a wide spectrum of new and even discontinued Enterprise technologies.


DDS-Renew products offer the same reliability and performance as new  products, but for less than the cost of the equivalent new product. If you have a limited IT budget, DDS-Renew is the perfect alternative.


All DDS-Renew products undergo a complete OEM remanufacturing and testing process, fully restoring them to meet OEM certified standards. Then they qualify for full warranty—guaranteeing OEM quality and reliability. Ensuring that they are as good as new.


DDS-Renew products are covered by the full same-as-new OEM warranty, so there is no difference between the warranty of a new OEM product and the equivalent participating OEM Renew product. The warranty starts from the date of purchase and refreshes the original warranty. Additional service and support options are available to complement the product warranty.



Whether you want a complete DDS-Renew solution for sustainability reasons or if you want to blend fully remanufactured Renew products together with new products in a combined configuration for budget reasons, you have the choice to make use of our full supply chain integrated Mix & Match capacities. This is unique in the IT industry and puts the sustainability theory into practice.