Staffing Solutions

24+ Years of Experience

DDS helps clients address their short-term as well as long-term staffing requirements. Our resources are highly skilled a broad range of technologies.

Lets Discuss Your Needs

Skills Include:

Storage Technologies; NetApp, Hitachi, Dell/EMC, Veritas and more

Networking; Cisco, Brocade

Cloud; Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

Staffing options with On-shore, Near-shore and Off-Shore resources


With periods of growth and contraction being part of the natural cycles of a business, having the flexibility of a scalable, on-demand workforce allows you to more rapidly and confidently adapt. DDS offers affordable and a transparent pricing structure that will never leave you guessing.

Project Challenges We Help Overcome

Oversight (Missing the big picture of all projects/status)

Efficiency (Too much time spent on status, reports, email, meetings)

Consistency (New team members with different tools, & methods = different results)

Insight (Lack of insight into the detailed status)

Transition (Team member departs or takes vacation and things fall apart)

Accountability (Lack of visibility that tasks are completed done and in the right order)